Fast Hand Punch Embroidery
with Unlimited Designs

Easy Punch Embroidery
There are four (4) types of Easy Punch Embroidery thread that are recommended to be used with the “Easy Punch Embroidery” machine.

All colors of the Easy Punch Embroidery Thread are numbered and correspond with the color number listed in each of the pattern books we offer on our website. 

NOTE: Most of the better grade sewing thread will work, including one strand of embroidery floss (three strands of floss or the equivalent may be used in the extra-large needle). But we recommend the Easy Punch Embroidery Thread which is made especially for the Easy Punch Embroidery machine for best results and it fills in faster.  The Polyester and Acrylic Easy Punch Embroidery Thread can be brushed out for a furry, fluffy look.

Remember, the thread must flow freely and easy or the loops will be of poor quality and inconsistent. 

See the individual thread pages for pricing.



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